PT. Buntara Megah Inti, one of the subsidiary companies under Buntara Group, is established in 2008 and located in Jakarta. The company is an appointed distributor of “SHELL Bitumen” (Asphalt) Drum and Curah by PT. SHELL Indonesia with a distribution market to nearly all the regions in Indonesia.

The company’s success is achieved through a combination of advanced infrastructure, stable capital and working professionals who are committed to providing high quality services.  Our excellent business relationships with local partners in various regions has also ensure ongoing expansion and sustainability for the long run.

The products we sell are of the highest quality. Our company cooperates closely with different government bodies such as Departemen Pekerjaan Umum, Departemen Perhubungan, Jasa Marga, Angkasa Pura, as well as consultants, contractors, and AMP (Asphalt Mixing Plant) to ensure customer’s satisfaction in our products.

A “top to bottom” marketing strategy that covers every project level gives the company its competitive edge. This principle of high commitment to product and service quality, as well as the well being of the environment is in line with our company’s vision.

In conclusion, the quick development of infrastructure has given us the opportunity to grow and expand. By committing to sell only the best products available and providing the best services, our company has participated in supporting the development of Indonesia’s infrastructure and environmental safety improvement.